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Sometimes the old ways are the best!

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This is a webring for independent music artists and labels who use Faircamp to showcase their original work.

The sites are run by the artists themselves - this webring is just one, of several, ways to discover them.

Although the webring has rules against hate speech, these are independent artists expressing themselves in their own spaces. There may be adult content present, or references to trigger-subjects such as mental illness.


What's Faircamp?

Faircamp is a static site generator for audio producers, made by Simon Repp. It allows musicians to take control of their own music distribution.

What's a Webring and why would I want one?

Before Google, before Facebook, in the internet that time forgot, we needed a way to find websites. By joining a webring with similar-themed sites we can help each other out by cross-linking between them.

Each site has a next and previous link, allowing users to traverse the ring. Once someone has found one of the sites, they can quickly navigate to others in the ring.

OK, so how do I join?

Just follow the simple instructions below.

My site isn't running Faircamp, can I still join the webring?


Technically there's no reason why not, the webring doesn't require Faircamp. But there is some consistency with Faircamp sites in that the webring next/prev links are always in a similar place, and easy to find for anyone navigating round the ring.

If you're an independent artist or label, producing original material within the rules listed below, and you can show that the webring links will be easy to find for vistors to your site (i.e. above "the fold", not buried in a footer) then your site might be accepted.

My site isn't in English, can I use my own language for "next" and "previous"?

Yes of course - it's your site!

It would be helpful to keep the same layout for the links, with the arrows, so people who don't speak your language can still find the way to the next site in the ring.

My site doesn't support HTTPS, only HTTP, can I still join?

Sadly the ring software assumes HTTPS at the moment when constructing links to your site, so this isn't going to work right now. If this turns out to be a frequent requirement, I'll have a think about how we could support this in the future.

Why did the URL change? Do I need to change my links?

The URL was originally a subdomain of the Key 13 artist domain. This wasn't really ideal, as the webring is a separate facility. The new URL is faircamp.webr.ing.

Links pointing to the old domain at webring.key13.uk will still work just fine so there's no urgency to change them, but the new URL is much better, don't you think?

I reached out but didn't get a response, it's been over 24 hours

Mastodon and the fediverse can occasionally be complex around post visibility, especially with direct messages between server instances running different types of software. 99% of the time it's fine, but sometimes it's not. If you didn't hear back, it's likely your message didn't get through. Maybe try a public post.

How do I join?

If you have a Faircamp site and want to join this ring, you need to do two simple things.

1. Get your site added to the ring

Currently the only way to do this is to reach out to @keefmarshall on Mastodon, with the URL of your Faircamp website.

You can just reply to this post, or send a direct message. All we need is:

Please note: just adding the links by themselves won't work, you have to have your site added to the webring list as well, otherwise the links will just do nothing!

2. Add the prev and next links to your Faircamp catalog

To do this you need to add a tiny bit of code to the -- text block in your Faircamp catalog eno file. Most people put this at the bottom of the text block.

Below is a sample of how to add the links - you can just copy and paste this into the -- text section of your catalog, but you must change your-site-here to your own. You can also add a random link if you want, see the full catalog example below.

[← prev](https://faircamp.webr.ing/prev/your-site-here) |
[faircamp webring](https://faircamp.webr.ing/) |
[next →](https://faircamp.webr.ing/next/your-site-here)

For example, if your site is at the top level, e.g. https://music.myband.com/, then your links should look like this (leave off the "https://" and any trailing slash):


If your faircamp site is on a subpath, e.g. https://myband.example.com/faircamp/ then your links should look like this:


Expand for a full catalog.eno example:

You can see this in action at music.key13.uk

The full catalog.eno file for this site (at time of writing!) is this:

# catalog

base_url: https://music.key13.uk

-- text
Eclectic music made on virtual instruments.



<a rel="me" href="https://mastodon.online/@keefmarshall">social</a>

[← prev](https://faircamp.webr.ing/prev/music.key13.uk) |
[faircamp webring](https://faircamp.webr.ing/) |
[random](https://faircamp.webr.ing/rand) |
[next →](https://faircamp.webr.ing/next/music.key13.uk)
-- text


We follow the usual Fediverse rules on being nice to each other and will exclude or drop sites that don't follow them.

That means no hate speech, transphobia or racism of any kind is allowed on the ring.

The webring is intended for artists and labels who create original material, so sites that primarily post copyrighted material by other artists are unlikely to be approved (sorry!).

A current software limitation of the webring means that sites must use TLS / encrypted links with https://, we can't support unencrypted http:// sites at the moment.

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